The Company

Since 1987 proving our passion for boats.

The history of Nautica Mengual is more than the classic story of efforts and problem solving that goes with a family business. It is proof that in the life of dreams, the adventures and the challenges you can construct at any moment, are the result of effort and diligence.

In 1987, José Mengual, a retired harbour master started a small business along with his son Gonzalo Mengual, who is a mechanic by trade and now the actual managing director. Both with the enthusiasm and a desire to excel and improve the facilities together, they took on new challenges marked out by modern times and new customers, this enthusiasm has been translated into today’s family of staff.

Today this spirit is shared and spread to the people and also actually helps to attend almost 400 customers. Some of these customers are now good friends, whose level of demand has driven growth and consolidation in this company.




A dynamic company in continual growth: new shipyards, new services, new infrastructures….., requires a young team, multidisciplinary and professional, capable of taking on challenges and learn from them, without losing the care for each of the small details that define a family business.

The demand and continuous innovation is probably what characterizes the work team at Nautica Mengual, as well as the daily efforts to end the day with the satisfaction, that you only get from a job well done.

Over 30 years Nautica Mengual has grown an infrastructure, in personnel, in training and in experience, but maintains the management philosophy of someone who does not intend to grow, but intends to surpass and improve.

It is perhaps this combination of passion, honesty and respect for the work that characterizes this company, an attitude with which dreams are built on, it deals with the adventures made out at sea.

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