OUR storY

There is an old adage that says:

"Do something you love and you won't work a single day of your life". I do not feel that I have worked for more than 35 years.

To understand our story and be able to understand the values ​​of our company, we need to go back to our origins.


I was born into a large and fairly poor family. My calling for mechanics comes from a very young age and after my military service, I began to make repairs using old tools in a small workshop at the Les Bassetes Nautical Club, where my father worked as a boatswain. With his help I gained experience and trust among my clients, and it was then when my father and I saw a unique opportunity. For years we worked very hard, without schedules, without holidays, until we managed to raise some money and buy an old car. With the help of the bank, we invested in a plot of land located in Teulada with the idea of ​​building a new workshop and expanding the business, and thus starting a new project together.


In 1992 we moved to Teulada. After a few years, with a lot of effort, we managed to balance our bank accounts. After listening to our customers, we invested in new products, the first boat sales began and the company quickly gained a great deal of respect and recognition. From that moment on, a new phase began which was strongly focussed on the search for new horizons and greater market objectives. This is how Náutica Mengual was born.


Because of our restless nature, and because we never rest on our laurels, we managed to import boats directly from the United States. I don't know if it was our passion for boats or our enthusiasm, or perhaps our desire to excel that, without knowing the language, we became a company that imported ships directly from the United States. And in a short period of time we specialised in the sale of motor boats and thus achieved our first prize among our European competitors.


We acquired some new land located on the N-332 road at Teulada, and Náutica Mengual moved to these new facilities where we had a showroom with a permanent stock of boats and, in this way, we were able to offer a wide range of options to our customers. Náutica Mengual has always searched for the most advanced, the most creative and, consequently, the most successful products. We have always discovered new horizons and are always looking for more. The enormous global strength of the company can largely be attributed to our commitment to doing things well and to always offer the best to our customers.

After 35 years

At present, our team consists of 27 highly qualified employees, 25,000m2 of facilities dedicated to the wintering of boats, 16 vehicles for the transport service, 4 forklifts, 3 gantry cranes….We also have an office and nautical shop at the foot of the mooring in C.N. Moraira available to our customers in which you can find all types of accessories, and we have further strengthened our presence in this sector with the expansion into a new market in the Balearic Islands, we have opened a new office in Puerto Portals (Mallorca). It can now be said that it has been a brave gamble which has been made possible by our efforts and desire to excel, and which has been rewarded by the loyalty of our customers, a loyalty in which the company has found the desire, enthusiasm and confidence to keep growing since 1987.




"One of our strengths and a large part of who we are,  we owe to our clients. And at this point, we can only thank them for the trust placed in us and the efforts of all the people who have passed through here and who, over the past 35 years, have made Náutica Mengual grow steadily and always with a passion for what we do"

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