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With over 30+ years experience of selling thousands of boats which gives us a superb in depth knowledge of buying, selling and registering boats. We offer custom services to clients who buy privately but want to know their deposit money is safe and the purchase is supported with a legal contract providing the right security and terms as well as a clear title and ownership to the vessel.

This is the most vital aspect of buying a boat after finding the right one. We offer advice and manage all kinds of procedures related to the purchase or sale of your boat, as well as taking care of the maintenance and updating the boat registration.

We aim to make the registration process as straightforward as possible for all our clients, and to make the entire process of purchasing a boat as stress-free as possible. If you have any further questions regarding boat trading, Please do not hesitate contacting us, we will be very happy to help you.

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      • Phone:  +34 965 741 211

These are some of our services:

      • Private Purchases – Contracts & Secure Banking Facilities
      • Title & Ownership Verification
      • Valuations
      • Inspections
      • European Registrations (Spain, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland …)
      • Ownership Transfers
      • Change of Name